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Getting Fit and other stuff.

Next week I will begin two 2 exercise "classes". On Monday I'm taking a hula hoop class. This should pose a challenge for the instructor as I have never been able to use a hula hoop correctly. You want me to spin it on my arm. Sure. Switch arms mid-spin. No Problem. Put it around my angle and use it for a jump rope. Easy Peasy. Switch feet mid-spin. Ok. You want me to spin it on my waist. Are you crazy?!?!!?

The class descriptions swears he can teach anyone to hula hoop. I will be testing that statement.

Hula Hooping goes fro 8 weeks. 1 hour each Monday.

Then on Tuesday and Thursdays for 4 weeks. I am subjecting myself to Worcester's Women's Adventure Bootcamp. The Bootcamp meets at 5:30 AM in Institute Park. Yep. I will be awake, dressed, at Institute Park and Exercising before most you even get up for the day.

Luckily, my body has decided to prepare me for this by waking me up at 4 the past 2 days and then setting my mind racing with all the things I have to do.

Not the least of which is to make the darling Caitie-Cat's b-day cake. C's party is a rock star theme and of course the pink loving darling wants a hot magenta electric guitar shaped cake. Now, she's going to have to settle for hot pink. But, I found a template for cutting out a guitar from an 9 x 13 cake....so wish me luck. She of course requested everyone's new favorite filling, cookies and cream.


Recently I rediscovered my favorite time sink: Sporcle.com. I seriously can spend hours if I'm not careful taking random quizes about random things.

I posted about this before, but I'm serious if you don't want to spend half your day taking quizes don't click the link, because the site is super addictive!

Consider yourself warned. :)

Adventures in Shipping and Receiving

I ordered a few items at Lands End before I went on vacation. A post today by someone on FB reminded me of this order and the fact that I hadn't received it yet.

So I went online to track it. It appears that I inadvertantly sent the package to my old AECOM address in Concord rather than the one in Chelmsford. When we left Concord we set up a forward to the Westford office so they would get our mail and then send it on to Wakefield whcih is where we were temporarily....Which means that the package does the following:

Leaves Lands End Hodgkins, IL
Arrives Chelmsford, MA
Transfered to Chelmsford USPS
Arrives Concord USPS
Transferred to Westford (current forwarding address)

Now here's where it gets fun. To go to Westford, a mere 2 or 3 towns away it has to go through the forwarding process which means the package goes:


Ok...so you'd think that the package would be safely in our Westford office and I could go and pick it up, but alas the Westford office moved to Chelmsford with us. So they set up a forward to Chelmsford.

So now my package is in the process of going


Do you see that? If I wasn't a moron and had put the correct address on the package to start with rather than not noticing that my default shipping address was Concord then I would have had my package on August 22nd (over a week ago). Instead, if things go as smoothly as they did with the first forward in this second forward, it looks like the Chelmsford PO will have my package maybe on Friday or Saturday then it could take up to another week for me to actually get it.


Now the kicker is I swear I changed the ship to address, so the best I can figure is that I changed the address then decided that I wanted to change something in my order so I exited the purchase and when I went back in to complete the purchase I forgot to change the address.

I suck. What can I say.

Actual Conversation

I was in line at Walmart today listening to the cashier give way too much personal information to the person in front of me. I assumed she knew him...after she rung me out, I'm pretty sure she didn't.

Cashier: How's your morning?
Me: Fine
Cashier: Do you have kids?
Me: No
Cashier: Really? I'm sorry.

Then she continued on from there about why she wanted to know....but, seriously, are you kidding me?

Done! Done! Done!

Scarf has been tasseled! Woo-hoo! I am done, done, DONE!

Pictures to come once we get a sunny day.

On the fringe

Literally....the knitting is all done and now the only thing left to do is the fringe on the scarf!

Brother's b-day is 18 days away....

Yet another scarf update

I've hit the point where I feel like it's never going to be done, but at the same time the light is at the end of the tunnel and the deadline is closing in FAST!

More Scarf Progress


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